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Joan A. Price - книга для детей американского возраста


Небольшая крайне популярная книжка с большим неосознанным юмором начинает философию с раздела -
In the time of Jesus (c. 6 b.c.–a.d. 36), many Jews thought the Messiah would be a political, military, and religious leader who would put an end to their su? ering at the hands of their Roman oppressors. Jesus, however, said that he was not a military or political leader. ...
Jesus’s words represented a clear break from Jewish thinking and the Hellenistic philosophers of the time. h e Jews had not been taught to love their enemies, and Hellenistic schools of philosophy such as the Cynics, Epicureans, and Skeptics all looked for happiness...
...Jesus’s message was that “God is love,” that he cares for us and will save us from our sinfulness through his son, Jesus, who took our sin upon himself in his death. ...

Allah, the Muslim name for God, commanded Muhammad to cast out polytheism, or the belief in many gods, and to teach people that “there is no God but Allah.”

The great Jewish philosopher Maimonides became familiar with the works of Aristotle through Muslim philosophers.

Что я искал в этой книге - какую-нибудь ремарку или помету, что это - детское чтение, для малышей... Не нашел. Зато там сказано о философе Аквинском, о философе Лютере и Галилее. Есть Спиноза. Да и вообще - тут тебе и отношение тела и души, и Кант
...Kant said we have two types of knowledge: (1) a priori, or innate;
and (2) a posteriori, or knowledge based on sense experience.

...Kant lived in this house in Konigsberg, East Prussia. His mother, Anna,
took young Immanuel for walks in the nearby meadows and fields,
teaching the curious child about the seasons, plants, and animals.

То есть я так понял, что на картинке - мама и маленький кантик

Зато Коперник красивыый - страсть

Гегель страшный, уу

In other words, we understand the concept of wet because we can relate to its opposite, dry. All ideas
have their opposites. If we relate the idea to its opposite, we will discover a new truth: a synthesis, or a combination of thesis and antithesis.

Hegel’s philosophy is highly complex. It is a huge system that moves through history like a giant snowball gathering more and more snow as it goes. Hegel saw history as humanity’s path to selfdiscovery and the history of the world as the history of nations.

...According to Marx, we are social animals with physical needs, and we satisfy those needs by the “means of production.” h e production of goods such as clothes, computers, television, and food products, determines the type of political, social, and religious life of every society in history.
...Capitalism, said Marx, is the major oppressor. In a capitalist society, the workers are slaves for another social class, transferring their labor and their lives to the capitalist.
...Communism is a classless society made up of workers guided by the communist motto, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs!” In the classless society, the economic struggle between the capitalist and working classes will stop as all merge into the working class.

Стало смешно, а потом умилительно. Пожалуй, это хорошая книжка.
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